Salvation Army goes to war on tippers

Salvation Army goes to war on tippers

FLY-TIPPERS are hampering charity workers in Batley by leaving mounds of waste outside their premises.

For years the Salvation Army HQ on Bradford Road has become a magnet for rubbish, some of which appears to be commercial waste.

Now frustrated staff and volunteers are considering installing CCTV cameras and starting a ‘name and shame’ campaign for the worst offenders.

The charity has a donations bin outside the entrance to its ‘Care and Share’ shop, but the area around the bin is regularly strewn with rubbish that the Salvation Army can’t sell – and in some cases has to pay to remove.

On Monday morning one of the building’s fire escapes was blocked by furniture and other bulky goods dumped overnight.

Fridge-freezers, washing machines and cookers sit in a compound at the rear of the building waiting to be disposed of after being fly-tipped.

Building waste, carpets, furniture and grass cuttings have all been cleared away in recent months.

Shop manager Tanya Fahy said: “It’s a constant problem. People see us as just a quick route to the tip.

“We have to cancel other jobs that our drivers are scheduled for to fit in a trip to the tip.”

Kirklees Council charges £70 to dispose of each fridge that is left.

But the group does not want to discourage people from leaving legitimate donations outside the building.

“We rely on donations to stock our shop,” added Tanya. “If we got rid of the bin outside, fly-tipping would still be a problem.”

A Kirklees Council spokesperson said: “The council advises all landowners to secure their site and highlight security measures such as CCTV.

“If fly tipping still occurs, any evidence should be passed to the council’s enforcement team, which can investigate further and take appropriate action against the offender.”

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