Robbers fled from mum’s vac-bashing

A MOTHER used a vacuum cleaner pipe to help fight off robbers who burst into her Batley Carr home.

Tazeem Bi also bashed the thugs over the head with a glass jug, forcing them to flee empty-handed.

Leeds Crown Court heard Mrs Bi was at home with son Ali Ditta on September 7 when Christopher Pratt and Patrick Nicholson knocked on the door, claiming to be working for the gas board.

They barged in and one demanded: “Right then where’s the gold, where’s the money?”

Angus MacDonald, prosecuting, said a fight then broke out.

Nicholson, 30, of Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, hit Mrs Bi while Pratt, 31, of Bradford, and Mr Ditta ended up on the floor in a struggle.

Mrs Bi hit Pratt over the head with a glass jug and then struck Nicholson as he armed himself with a pan.

Nicholson picked up a glass jug but Mr Ditta pushed it into his face, causing a cut.

Mrs Bi began hitting both robbers with a vacuum cleaner pipe, after which they fled.

Drug addict Nicholson admitted attempted robbery and was jailed for six years and nine months.

Pratt was found guilty by a jury of attempted robbery and jailed for eight years.

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