Riddle of 2,500 ‘lost’ votes in Mirfield

AN election result for Mirfield Town Council was amended after a computing error involving 2,500 votes.

Tory incumbents Kath Taylor, son James and Sean Guy were re-elected in the Northorpe ward.

But with just 1,074 ballots on the results sheet the turnout seemed far too low compared with everywhere else.

Coun Kath Taylor queried figures of 316 for herself, 313 for Coun Guy, 295 for Coun James Taylor and 150 for Labour’s Jack McCabe.

By Monday lunchtime a further 2,500 votes, two thirds of the total cast, were added to the tallies.

A Kirklees Council spokesman insisted all the votes were counted and the correct order of elected councillors announced.

But there was a mistake in transferring vote totals from a spreadsheet to the results sheets.

The spokesman added: “This error has now been amended and the records have been corrected.

“Clearly, while this is unfortunate and we are writing to the candidates to apologise, the result of the election is not affected.”

Coun Kath Taylor said: “It is just unbelieveable that a mistake like this is possible.

“Fortunately it didn’t affect the result but it makes you question whether it has happened anywhere else.”

Folowing the election the Conservatives have 13 of the 16 seats on the town council.

Labour took two seats while former Tory David Pinder, who quit the party last year, was re-elected as an independent.

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