‘Renew your licence’ offer to woman who gave up driving

‘Renew your licence’ offer to woman who gave up driving

A PARTIALLY-SIGHTED woman received a driving licence renewal request – 18 years after giving hers up.

Imelda Marsden, 69, of Quarryfields, Mirfield, was sent the papers unsolicited last week by the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA).

But she says she handed her licence back in 1998 after deciding her eyesight posed a risk to other road users.

Imelda is 70 in August and the forms gave instructions on how people that age and older can renew.

It also stated: “Our records show that your driving licence ends at midnight on 24/08/2016.”

She said: “While I found it quite amusing, you have to wonder how many more people in the same situation have had such a letter and at what cost.

“I telephoned the DVLA and they said it was a computer that sent the forms out automatically.”

Imelda, now registered partially blind, added she knew her driving days were over.

She said: “I had difficulty seeing things at night and you also haven’t the same abilities as you get older.”

Imelda called on others who insist on driving to consider the consequences and that all older motorists should face regular re-tests.

She said: “There was that awful case in the news recently of the 80-year-old woman who mowed down eight girls. Older drivers should be checked out regularly because they can be a menace on the roads.”

A spokesman for the DVLA said: “We write to everyone who has a current licence which is about to expire.

“In this case, we didn’t receive notification that the person had surrended their licence.”

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