Red House saved

ENTRY fees may be charged at tourist attractions to keep a historic Gomersal museum open following a public outcry.
Kirklees Council’s Labour cabinet decided at a meeting on Tuesday not to axe Red House Museum.
Councillors heard more than 900 letters of protest had flooded in from across the world in the three weeks since the closure was first proposed.
Bronte Society members were among those who attended the meeting to demand the museum be saved.
Councillors agreed, but the £116,000 a year cost may have to come from charging for entry at other Kirkleesrun attractions.
Council leader Mehboob Khan said: “We have proposed to save Red House Museum. It is an important part of our history.
“We want to look at more innovative ways of generating the income needed to keep it running, or look at making savings elsewhere.
“There’s the potential for charging for Red House. If that doesn’t bring enough in, we’ll look at other options, including charges elsewhere.”
Red House, built in 1660, was the home of the Taylor industrial magnates.
Novelist Charlotte Bronte was a regular visitor in the 1830s. The museum is linked with the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth as a result and attracts literary fans from around the world.
Mirfield resident and Bronte Society member Imelda Marsden is now looking at setting up a Friends of Red House Museum group.
Modelled on the successful group at Oakwell Hall, volunteers would help with maintenance, gardening and cleaning to keep the museum’s running costs down.
She said: “Everybody's relieved. I’d like to thank all those who got involved to save Red House. But we can’t be complacent.”
Anyone interested in joining the Friends of Red House Museum can call Imelda on 01924 519370.

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