Queen sends congratulations to Colin and Edna...

Queen sends congratulations to Colin and Edna...

A COUPLE from Roberttown are returning to their original honeymoon spot to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. 

Colin and Edna Smith, of Meadow Drive, are travelling back to the Isle of Man 65 years on from their first visit.

The couple, both 86, were married on July 31, 1954, at the now demolished Brunswick Methodist Chapel in Morley. But they originally came across each other by complete chance.

“We met when we were 16-years-old,” said Colin. “I’d arranged to meet a girl at the pictures and Edna turned up to tell me she couldn’t make it. So I said, ‘well seing as you’re here, I’ll take you to the pictures instead!’.” 

Edna added: “When he took me home, he said ‘would you like to go out again tomorrow?’ So I said yes and he told me we’d have to go to a different pictures because his mum and dad were going to the other one!”

The two have been together ever since, and their relationship was only briefly interrupted when Colin was called up for National Service.

“We were courting year after year and then I was called up into the air force, but left 18 months later,” he said. “When we got to 21 we decided we’d get married.”

Colin says the secret to a happy and long marriage is all about compromise – and remembering who’s boss.

“I do just as I want, if she tells me I can!” he said. “We disagree many a time, but in the end we both agree to the same things, it’s give and take.”

The couple, who have a son and a daughter, were delighted to receive a card from the Queen to mark their blue sapphire anniversary. 

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