Pupils cross the ‘divide’ with new project

Pupils cross the ‘divide’ with new project

CHILDREN joined forces across a so-called ‘community divide’ in Dewsbury to take part in a successful gardening project.

Much has been made since the Iraq suicide bomb outrage about Savile Town being an ‘enclave’ with few white residents.

But pupils from nearby Headfield Junior School on Vicarage Road have worked with other youngsters over the last year.

Headfield Junior School were also involved.

In total, 240 pupils took part in a project called Growing Together, based around where food comes from.

They also forged new friendships by meeting up regularly to work together on  various gardening activities.

A celebration of their work, backed by supermarket Mullaco, was held at Thornhill Lees Community Centre.

Geoff Smith, headteacher at Headfield, said: “It’s been great to see the children become more and more enthusiastic about seeing each other again.

“It also demonstrates that local schools are working successfully together to promote closer ties between different communities."

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