Pupils create sequel to their animation hit

Pupils create sequel to their animation hit

BATTYEFORD Primary School pupils are looking forward to the premiere of their latest adventure into film-making. 

On Monday afternoon they will see their new short animation 'Copperbeard and the Legend of Pie' screened at a cinema in Huddersfield as part of an education project to research the potential of high-quality filmmaking using digital tablet computers.

Four films have been made in schools across the district with the help of 'Big Voice Media', a Kirklees-based group of artists.

With funding from IntoFilm, the UK's national film education agency, Battyeford pupils have been given the opportunity to create a sequel to their successful film from last year, 'The Pirates of Rabbit Doll Island'.

Last year it won the Grand Prize at the Kids for Kids UK Film Festival held at the BFI in London.

Their first film has also been screened at short film festivals worldwide and is currently being show at Martha's Vineyard in the USA.

The new story, 'Copperbeard and the Legend of Pie', sees a dastardly pirate attempt to steal the mighty 'pie jewel' from the tranquil oasis that is Rabbit Doll Island.

Assisted by his obnoxious skeleton crew, Copperbeard the pirate attempts to ruin Rabbit Doll Island for ever more. But when the Rabbit Dolls call to the skies above for help, a surprise is in store for Copperbeard and his crew.

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