‘Our pupils among the hardest-hit by Government education policies’

‘Our pupils among the hardest-hit by Government education policies’

THE district’s two Labour candidates have this week been campaigning against the Conservatives’ planned cuts to school budgets, which they claim could result in schools in the area losing up to £9.4m.

Labour says that all 50 schools in Dewsbury are set to lose funding due to the Tories’ ‘fair funding formula’, making it the second worst-hit constituency in the country, while Batley and Spen will be the fourth worst.

As an example, figures suggest that Thornhill Community Academy faces losing 13 teachers as a consequence of total cuts estimated at £533,918 by 2019.

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner joined Labour’s Paula Sherriff in Dewsbury to promote Labour’s plans to reverse more than £2m of the planned cuts.

Ms Sherriff said: “Dewsbury is amongst the hardest-hit by the Tories’ so-called ‘fairer funding formula’.

“Each and every local school is set to lose vital cash over the next three years. Labour won’t let this happen – I’ll keep fighting alongside parents and teachers to protect investment in our schools.”

Fellow Labour candidate for Batley and Spen, Tracy Brabin, has also vowed to fight for no cuts to school budgets if she is elected on June 8.

She said: “As someone who was born and educated in Batley and Spen, I’m determined that our young people receive the best education possible.

“Properly funded schools, free school meals so no child goes hungry and smaller class sizes so five-, six- and seven-year-olds have more one-on-one time with teachers are all fair, commonsense policies.”

Labour have said their plans will be funded from £20bn that will be raised by reversing the Conservatives’ cuts to corporation tax.

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