Pub pals scramble Eggheads

Pub pals scramble Eggheads

A QUIZ team from Gomersal took on TV’s famous Eggheads and beat them at their own game.

The victorious ‘Gomersal Westenders’ became one of just a handful of challengers to beat the team of general knowledge gurus in the BBC show’s history.

The team was made up of quiz regulars at the village’s West End pub, Peter Lockwood, Lewis Lockwood, Jonathan Lister, Jane Brown and David Taylor.

The Westenders saw off the Egghead experts, with all but David making it to the final round in an episode that aired on Monday.

They shared the £5,000 prize pot between themselves and another member, Julie Rhodes-Mckie, who travelled as reserve with the team to Glasgow where the show was filmed. Peter’s wife Jackie Lockwood was the driving force behind getting the team together.

Team member Jane Brown, 53, said: “We’ve been waiting quite a while for it to come on television.

“We loved it. They (BBC) paid for us to go on the train – so we were all swatting on the way up, going through quiz books. We all really enjoyed it.

“That was the first quiz we’d done together, we all met up to discuss what categories we would each cover because there’s more than are on your particular episode.

“Initially we submitted application forms which included relating interesting facts about Gomersal and ourselves. 

“After that we were asked to make and submit a group video. The Eggheads were gracious in their defeat and all came over and shook our hands at the end of filming.”

The team fielded questions on music, film and television, science and history. 

Jane saw off former Mastermind winner Chris Hughes in the second round on film and television.

Family, friends and regulars gathered at the West End pub on Monday evening to watch the show, because the team had to remain tight-lipped about their victory until it aired.

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