Poll rivals in pool clash

A ROW has broken out between by-election candidates over the future of the Spenborough Pool in Liversedge.

Labour’s Simon Alvy claims to have secured a promise from Kirklees Council chiefs that repairs will be made when necessary.

Rival Lib Dem candidate Richard Farnhill demanded proof that the authority has set aside funds in its budget.

The pair are bidding to succeed retired Tory councillor Margaret Bates in the Liversedge & Gomersal by-election on Thursday, June 13.

Mr Alvy spoke out after Lib Dem boss Coun Kath Pinnock made dire warnings about the pool in last week’s Press.

She said the Bradford Road facility is on an ‘at risk’ register as the ageing swimming tank could fail.

But Mr Alvy accused Coun Pinnock and the Lib Dems of running an “irresponsible” and “dangerous” election campaign.

He said: “The more Coun Pinnock tells people the Spen pool is falling down and closing, the more people will stay away.

“That really puts the pool under threat. It’s irresponsible and very dangerous to mislead people like this.

“In light of the mischief, I met with the council leadership and was assured that when the Spen pool requires repairs, the money will be found.”

Mr Farnhill hit back and said: “If that's the case, then I’d like to see the evidence and proof that any repairs won’t just be a sticking plaster.

“Until we have that, people won’t have any idea what Labour’s claims to have saved the pool actually mean.

“We’ve asked on a number of occasions, including at two council meetings, and were told there’s no money.”

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