Police urged to tackle ‘rising crime’

POLICE need to tackle rising crime in Dewsbury town centre, a councillor has warned.

Coun Paul Kane wants to see more patrols after claiming shoplifting and anti-social behaviour are on the rise.

He raised the issue with Insp Jenny Thompson of the Dewsbury and Mirfield NPT, who said officers are on the case.

Coun Kane (Lab, Dewsbury East) said: “The amount of crime in the town centre does appear to be going up again and it’s not acceptable.”

He cited reports of two suspected shoplifters being thrown out of premises last Friday.

Coun Kane said breaches of the alcohol control zone are down but there is anti-social behaviour near the Town Hall and around certain pubs.

He said: “The drinking is nowhere near as bad as it was but I believe there are a few more criminal activities now.

“The police can’t guarantee us a town centre officer on a regular basis and I think that’s wrong.

“If you look at a town of this size I think it warrants at least one or two officers.”

He added: “I do know it’s about resources because there’s been a dramatic reduction in the amount of money that goes to the police.

“However, they should be targeting the police they do have at the amount of crime that goes on.”

Coun Kane said of yobs near the Town Hall: “We stopped that for a period of time because they’d been congregating around the old Market Place.

“But they drift in and out again and sometimes I think the police take their eye off the ball because they’ve other things to do.

“But they should be able to put police into Dewsbury during the day because that’s when these activities are happening.

“There are also problems on an evening around certain public houses in the town centre.”

Insp Thompson said: “There are nominated officers and PCSOs who cover Dewsbury town centre as part of the ward area.

“When there are specific issues within the town, such as street drinking earlier in the year, then more officers are deployed into the troubled area to resolve those problems.

“We have to prioritise where available resources are deployed and it may be that there is a greater demand in another part of Dewsbury or Mirfield at a particular time.

“However, we do monitor issues within the town centre on a daily basis.

“Coun Kane is more than welcome to speak with me to discuss these issues and I would gladly welcome any views or suggestions he may have.”

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