Police issue warning against ‘sneak thieves’

Police issue warning against ‘sneak thieves’

RESIDENTS should not leave their doors and windows open or unlocked despite the rising temperatures.

Police issued the warning as part a campaign against ‘sneak thieves’ called ‘It Only Takes A Minute’.

Figures shows that in a quarter of burglaries entry is gained through an open window or unlocked door.

Simple measures which people should take include:

• Lock all doors and windows when in the garden or garage;

• Never leave keys in door locks or windows or on view;

• Never leave valuables, like mobile phones, jewellery or handbags, near windows.

Det Insp David Stainthorpe, of Kirklees CID, said: “Burglars will always go for the easy option.

“A handbag, wallet, or mobile phone or keys left next to an unlocked front door or open window is an incredibly easy target.

“All it takes is a few seconds for an opportunist to sneak in. Don’t let a burglar create storm clouds over your summer.”

He added residents should also keep an eye on the homes of neighbours, especially if they on holiday.

Anyone who sees suspicious activity should report it to police on 101. Call 999 for crimes in progress.

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