Plan to combat problem parking at rail station

PLANS to combat parking problems around Mirfield railway station are set to be forced through by senior councillors, despite objections from local residents.

Large numbers of commuters park on both sides of Hopton New Road and Back Station Road, narrowing the carriageway so that only one vehicle can drive down at a time. Police have been called to a number of incidents.

Proposals have been put forward by Kirklees Council to paint staggered double yellow lines down the road in an attempt to solve the problems.

Three objections were lodged against the plans, but senior councillors look set to overrule the objectors and get the scheme under way.

One resident Brian Foster said he opposed the plan because he thinks waiting restrictions should be installed down the entire length of Hopton New Road, while another, John Sykes, said he believed the yellow lines would be ineffective.

All three of Mirfield’s Kirklees councillors support the plan. One of them, Coun Martyn Bolt has also re-launched a petition for major improvements at Mirfield station, which is hampered by a lack of disabled access, has no ticket machine and no toilets.

He said: “We have over 400,000 passengers a year through Mirfield. It is a key link in the transport network for the region, servicing residents and businesses, and yet it is not prioritised by Network Rail and others.”

The petition can be found at

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