Pet who grew too long in the tooth...

Pet who grew too long in the tooth...

A FAMILY from Dewsbury have welcomed their pet chinchilla back home following surgery on its oversized teeth. 

'Gizmo' was treated at Calder Vets in Dewsbury after his top teeth became overgrown, causing him difficulty eating. 

The operation involved cutting the teeth to a manageable length, as well as smoothing the surface of Gizmo's gnashers.

Veterinary nurse Louise Bardon said: "It is quite common for the teeth of animals such as chinchillas and rabbits to become overgrown because, unlike us, their teeth are constantly growing.

"For owners who have small animals like Gizmo, our advice is to get regular checks by the vet, look for signs of drooling or discomfort when eating.

"We are delighted we were able to correct Gizmo's teeth and send him back home to enjoy his food once again."

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