Pensioner stoned by ‘menace kids’ in allotments rampage

Pensioner stoned by ‘menace kids’ in allotments rampage

A PENSIONER was attacked by a group of youths while tending to his allotment in Healey on Friday afternoon.

Brian Kellett was at the site off Deighton Lane at around 5pm when he spotted a group of four boys throwing rocks at greenhouses before then taking aim at him.

Now the 69-year-old’s daughter Faye Kellett has spoken out against the attackers, who also smashed windows in most of the sheds and greenhouses. She said: “My dad had gone to water the plants and had seen these four kids throwing stones, so he asked them to stop. 

“They ran into the car park and started throwing stones at my dad.

“He’s battered and bruised. If it had been one of the older men who go down it could have been a lot worse. They’re just menaces, and they’re only young kids. Breaking windows, they can be replaced but don’t start abusing people and throwing stuff at them. It’s on a totally different level.

“He’s had two panes of glass broken and a window on his shed. They’re pensioners, they shouldn’t have to be replacing everything because idiots have broken them.

“I don’t want it to get to the point where nobody wants to go because they’re scared. They shouldn’t have to feel as though they’re going to be attacked doing something they enjoy.”

The youths had already caused significant damage to a number of the greenhouses – including shattering ‘six or seven panes in one and four in another’ belonging to 76-year-old Brian Waters – before running away.

His granddaughter Lisa Shires said: “He was at the allotment during the day on Thursday and then he went away for a few days and came back on Monday.

“We tried not to tell him while he was away because we didn’t want to spoil what he was doing. We went and tried to move as much as we could with the shards of glass all over the inside.

“He’s 76 and can’t be pulling them out, it’s dangerous. He was devastated.

“He’s been up there just trying to tidy up. He goes every day, it’s kept him going and it’s like a hobby.”

Lisa said there had been an outpouring of community support since she posted the incident on Facebook, with one man even going up to the allotment site to help with clearing up and planting.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police confirmed the incident happened between 4.30pm and 5pm, and anyone with information should contact them via 101 quoting log number 1441 of April 12.

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