‘Pathetic’ Batley paedophile is jailed

A PAEDOPHILE’S explanation of how he had 30,000 child porn images was branded “pathetic” by a judge.

IT expert Stuart Hannah, 48, formerly of Soothill, Batley, was jailed for a year on Wednesday following a trail at Leeds Crown Court.

A jury, who were told he had a previous conviction for sexually assaulting girls under 16, took less than an hour to convict him.

Hannah said in evidence the victims of his earlier crimes had broken into his home while he was in custody.

He said they stole his computers, downloaded the child porn and returned the machines in a revenge plot, a claim the jury rejected.

Hannah also said he had reported this to the authorities but they encouraged him to keep looking at the material as he was helping to “fight crime.”

Judge James Spencer QC was scathing and said: “The jury has rejected your explanation for what happened. I'm not surprised.

“Having heard the evidence, it is clear that it was a pathetic attempt to escape responsibility.”

The latest offences came to light when police visited the premises where Hannah’s wife works in September 2009.

Two computer hard drives at West End Marine, Stocks Lane, Batley, were found to contain indecent images of children.

Hannah had done work for the company rebuilding some of their computers and installing equipment.

John Gregg, prosecuting, said the find led officers to Hannah’s former marital home in Soothill, where more illegal images were found.

He said Hannah possessed a “mind-boggling” total of 29,373 child porn images and a further 41 of bestiality.

This occurred from January 2008 to November 2009, with the user names S.Hannah, Frank and Frank G linked to much of the downloading.

The court heard after his arrest Hannah was asked by police if he had a nickname and he said it was Frank G.

This is alleged to be a reference to Hannah's nickname as he is said to look like Frank Gallagher from the TV show Shameless.

Mr Gregg said in summing up: “He is a man who is an expert with computers and a long-standing fascination with children.”

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