Parties ‘are wrong’ not to contest seat

Parties ‘are wrong’ not to contest seat

A MAN from Batley has put himself forward for the upcoming Batley and Spen by-election. 

Garry Kitchin will stand in the election, triggered by the death of Jo Cox, on October 20.

Following the death of Mrs Cox, the major political parties announced they would not be fielding a candidate out of respect for the mother-of-two.

However, Mr Kitchin believes that it was not the correct thing to do.

He said: "I believe that Jo stood for a great democratic tradition.

"In my view, basic democratic principles mean that in every constituency, people have the right to a full range of candidates to choose from when they select their MP.

"I am the only declared candidate who lives in the constituency and I am keen to represent the area and community I know well."

If elected, Mr Kitchin said that he was keen to stop the privatisation of the NHS, increase the building of homes on brownfield sites and democratic reform - including a move to proportional representation rather than the current first past the post system.

Mr Kitchin will stand against the Labour Party and eight other fringe party or independent candidates.

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