Parking ‘fix’ for now to ease rail station chaos

A TEMPORARY ‘fix’ to parking chaos in Station Road, Mirfield, was approved by Kirklees Council’s Cabinet on Wednesday – with a proverbial light at the end of the railway tunnel.

Rail commuters whose cars line both sides of Station Road have long been a traffic hazard and source of frustration for motorists faced with running a narrow gauntlet hundreds of yards long.

A plan by officers to implement four double-yellow ‘passing bays’, which will allow traffic to negotiate the road, was given the green light.

Although not a permanent solution, the move was welcomed by Mirfield councillor Martyn Bolt.

“It’s two-and-a-half years since I called a meeting and we drew up a masterplan to deal with this,” he said.

With support from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, hopes were high for 115 new car parking spaces. Unfortunately, said Coun Bolt, one of the key partners, Network Rail, have been dragging their feet.

One car parking site is proposed for land occupied by Jewson’s, but it took Network Rail 18 months to start a conversation with them. “It’s just not been a priority for them,” said Coun Bolt.

Cabinet also accepted an amendment from Coun Bolt and committed to pursuing a permanent answer to the problem.

He added: “What we’ve got is a road safety solution to the problem but not a panacea to the parking issue.

“It’s annoying that Mirfield has this facility and benefit to the area (a mainline connection to London) and is held back in this way.”

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