Park carefully you could get caught on camera!

A NEW parking enforcement camera van hit the district’s roads this week and its council operators expect to rake in £100,000 worth of fines – in its first year.
The mobile camera vehicle is set to become a familiar sight around schools and town centres in the district and Kirklees officials say it will improve road safety and speed up public transport by reducing dangerous and illegal parking.
Similar vehicles have been hailed a success in other parts of the country and, in addition to clamping down on dangerous parking, their presence can deter motorists from breaking parking rules.
A number of local schools suffer problems with irresponsible parking by parents, potentially risking serious injury to children.
The camera van can be used to stop people parking in the yellow ‘zig zag’ areas outside schools  and will tackle problems that are reported in town centres, bus stop clearways and cycle lanes.
Inside the vehicle is a highperformance digital recorder and it uses a highquality camera mounted on its roof. The van has automatic number plate recognition and can drive past to record vehicles illegally parked.
A penalty charge notice is then sent out by post after a trained council officer has reviewed the images to confirm that a contravention occurred.
The council has written to all schools about the vehicle and asked head teachers to inform parents about the enforcement action being taken.
Setup costs for the scheme are around £100,000 and officials expect this will be recouped within the first 12 months of operation.
Coun Peter McBride said: “First and foremost, we’re taking this action to help protect our local children.
“Outside some schools the number of cars illegally parked is compromising the road safety of children and parents, blocking their view of  traffic and making crossing the road hazardous.
“We are determined to take action against those who put others at risk.”

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