No comments would be appropriate without first doffing a cap, raising a salute, standing a round of applause or even – heaven forfend! – bending a knee to acknowledge the life, service and sacrifice of Capt Sir Tom Moore.

If any man deserves us taking a knee in honour, it’s him.

A man, a gentleman, a public servant, a human with the heart of both a lion and an angel. An Englishman who captured not just a nation’s hearts but possibly even the entire UK’s (apart from that hateful little hypocrite Nicola Krankie, naturally).

Tributes have poured in from around the world, such were his frail but smiling and humble efforts which helped carry so many struggling people, alone or in families, through a dark time. People will, quite possibly, have drawn comparisons of 2020 with the dreadful 1940s which Capt Tom lived through. But there really, really is no comparison – unless you want to contrive a possible case that Johnson and Hancock’s private army of imbeciles have waged authoritarian war on a people in the manner Hitler wished, but failed.

A state funeral has just been announced for our hero. I suspect only Her Majesty the Queen could possibly command the united outpouring of love and support on such an occasion that our hero will. Rest in heavenly peace, Sir.

My wife’s heart understandably sank when news broke that he’d developed pneumonia after returning from a family holiday to Barbados (many of the island’s hotels are her business). My reaction was a tad different.

At age 100, you get offered a family freebie to one of the best holiday locations in the world. Long-haul travel is a risk at any advancing age, but having recorded the good old ‘ton up’, the big 1-0-0? Fill yer boots Capt Tom! It was the biggest remaining tick on his bucket list apparently, the dream of the longest of lifetimes – and he fulfilled it. And it was before the last lockdown, with travel permitted, by the way. No rules broken.

‘But it was a risk! Unnecessary! Travel at that age – what were they thinking? He could have sat in his wheelchair getting his arse wiped daily for another year or so!’ … and on and on.

I expect that was the reaction of so many Sheeples grazing gratefully at Johnson and Hancock’s feet.

But what is life if not for living your dreams? Right to the end? I wonder what marvelous, loving, soothing, thankful thoughts regarding his blessed last 12 months were on his mind at that point? If there can be a consummately peaceful passing, I suspect he deservedly had it. Time to turn the final page on the most righteous and glorious of books.

Compare that with the tens of thousands of frail and elderly mums, dads and grandparents, who have been condemned to lonely, isolated, inhumane care home deaths, withering on the starved and neglected vines of state-imposed separation. No loved ones in sight, no care or cuddles at the loneliest, most terrifying of moments imaginable. Oh – and no say in the matter either. An entire nation’s most basic of human rights summarily removed. It’s a ******* crime against humanity.

They’ve been removed by the variously cynical or gross incompetence of Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, their self-centred cabal of hand-picked friends – sorry, ‘experts’ – and the collected morons of NHS executive management (although the sins run deep through the NHS echelons, make no mistake).

I won’t go over the old ground of how grossly mismanaged they’ve collectively been in effectively committing so many thousands of our most vulnerable elderly to premature deaths, or the deceits of thousands of manipulated death certificates. And given the arch collaboration of the BBC and Mainstream Media, I entirely expect they’ll get away with it – because being equally to blame for the hysteria, it’s in all their interests to suppress the truth. The facts.

But the facts, the facts … those occasionally troubling truths I would like to think a true hero like Capt Sir Tom Moore would fight for to his last breath … we can’t afford to lose sight of the facts, however uncomfortable. Not if we’re to avoid repeating the follies of the past and present. But do our new-West dictators even want to avoid the strategies that have reduced us to the equivalent of Chinese Communist Party subjects? Because right now we are.

I’ll leave you with a couple of facts, because I don’t want to stray entirely away from Capt Tom who wasn’t able to be vaccinated owing to his condition.

Despite an ongoing decline in positive tests, hospitalisations and deaths for weeks, ONS figures show a huge surge in all-cause mortality deaths around the turn of the year and since. The victims? Care home elderly, mostly, and worryingly since vaccines have been rolled out.

I honestly don’t understand how Covid deaths are suddenly rampant again in homes. Were they tested before being vaccinated? If not, why not? Are the staff being tested – you’d hope so. But old folks are certainly dying in their droves within days of having their jabs.

It may have been on the BBC or Sky News and implausibly explained away – I don’t watch – but it hasn’t been on any radio news bulletin or newspaper headline I’ve heard or seen.

Why? Why, why, why?

Here’s something to consider.

Pfizer BioNTech’s vaccine is in wide circulation. You may have had it, satisfied that it had been properly tested and approved. If you look at Pfizer’s Clinical Study Trial on the US National Library of Medicine Clinical Trials database, you can read that the Estimated Study Completion Date is January 31 … 2023. No, not a typo. Facebook fact-checkers, are you reading this? Good, get on it. I would hate to mislead anyone (and I have been on and checked it out).

For detail: ‘This is the date on which the last participant in a clinical study was examined or received an intervention/treatment to collect final data for the primary outcome measures, secondary outcome measures, and adverse events.’

‘And adverse events’. Hmmm. Like wiping out our remaining care home residents, perchance?

I’m not saying that’s the case, not even that it’s an unintended consequence, but it certainly sounds like Pfizer BioNTech are carrying out essentially a 2-plus year experiment on grateful millions, having been given total legal immunity by the Government.

Sorry folks, it's my predisposition – doubt and cynicism of any and everyone in untouchable authority, as we witness today. And I'd like to think Capt Sir Tom would spin in his grave if he suspected his wonderful gift had been bequeathed to an undeserving nation.

In closing, good luck with your vaccine. As ever, I hope and pray it sees us back to normal soon enough. I really don’t think it will though, because the Sheeples don’t want it – so why would Johnson and Hancock lift their boots from their grateful throats?

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