Ofsted praises independent Muslim school

AN INDEPENDENT Muslim boys high school in Batley has improved since its last Ofsted inspection.

Cambridge Street School now meets all independent school standards, according to education bosses who inspected the school unannounced on March 20.

It had previously been required to draw up an action plan because teaching standards were not up to scratch.

But after implementing a programme of staff training and investing in resources, the school has been praised for its quality of lesson planning and teaching.

The report said: “The actions taken by leaders to improve staff members’ planning has brought a sharp focus to the quality of learning.

“Staff make effective use of a range of teaching resources, including digital resources, to plan lessons that build on previous learning and enable pupils to make good progress.”

It went on to say that pupils achieved well across a range of subjects at GCSE and they feel safe and well cared for in the school environment.

The school’s founding director Khabbaab Raja said: “We were really happy with the progress we’ve made, we’re going in the right direction.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication by the staff and students, but we’re hoping to get better and better for the education, progression and personality building of our future generation.”

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