Offroad officers are in gear

BOBBIES on bikes will be policing the district throughout the spring and summer tackling the antisocial use of motorcycles.
PCs Andrew Money and Nigel Law have taken on the role of offroad bike officers until September. As well responding to reports from the public the officers will be taking their bikes out across the district during times when offences are known to happen.
The Dewsburybased biking bobbies have already had some success. On May 3 they gave a warning to a youth who was riding an offroad bike antisocially in the Park Road area of Ravensthorpe and a week later they further warned a group of youths who had a quad bike on the road on Shirley Street in Gomersal.
Details of all the youths involved have been recorded and if they are caught again they face being arrested and having their bikes seized and destroyed.
Insp Jenny Thompson said: “Andrew and Nigel will be working until at least September to help us deal with any reports from the public, or police intelligence, regarding the antisocial use of motorcycles in Kirklees.
“They will be based in Dewsbury, but will be on patrol across the division in the areas they are needed and at the times when we know offences are more likely to occur.”
Anyone who knows of a problem with motorcycles in their community is asked to contact their local NPT via 0845 6060606.

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