OAP blasts blue badge scheme

OAP blasts blue badge scheme

A PENSIONER from Cleckheaton has hit out at Kirklees’ ‘ridiculous’ blue badge disabled parking scheme.

Terry Windle’s wife Brenda, who suffers with severe arthritis, is still waiting to receive a blue badge after applying for one back in November.

And the 72-year-old won’t be given one until she has completed a physiotherapist test to determine if she fits the right criteria.

The couple, who live on Carlton Close, will have to travel to Deighton in Huddersfield to see a specialist next month, despite filling out the original application in Dewsbury.

Terry, 78 and a former HGV driver, is worried they could be waiting at least another three months before Brenda gets a blue badge.

He said: “Kirklees are advertising this scheme that’s so simple that people don’t have to look disabled to get a badge, but then they make it nearly impossible for you to get one.

“Why don’t they simplify the scheme by us doing the tests at the same place in Dewsbury? Why do we have to travel up to seven miles to see someone? And if we don’t turn up it’s a £20 penalty. What do they need? Do we have to be on our knees?”

Kirklees launched a new scheme in September, in line with criteria laid out by the government, that people who have a non-visible disability can apply for a blue badge.

They said applicants that need to be assessed must have their difficulties confirmed by an expert assessor, meaning that not all applicants will be successful.

Terry said: “It should be easily accessible to your own area if you’re to have this examination. They should do it in the first place when you do your application.

“We’re three months in now, we applied on November 1 so by the time of the appointment it’ll be four and by the team we get the badge it’ll be five or six months.

“That’s five months of her having to suffer when it’s such a simple problem to sort out – it just needed a bit of forethought.”

Kirklees has been approached for a comment.

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