North Kirklees celebrated excellent ALevel results

By David Miller

STUDENTS in North Kirklees celebrated excellent ALevel results yesterday – but with no guarantee their grades would win university places.
Applications for higher education places this year have rocketed due to the introduction of £9,000ayear tuition fees next year, with students desperate to get in before fees triple from the current £3,000 maximum.
Many universities are already full, but those lucky enough to have an offer were unable to confirm their places yesterday when the university admissions website crashed.
Some 185,000 candidates without a firm offer were left chasing a mere 29,000 unfilled degree places.
At Dewsbury’s St John Fisher school, head teacher Kevin Higgins said: “Securing university places has been very challenging.
“So it is good that most students have been able to move forward into a higher education institution that they have chosen.”
The school achieved a 98 per cent pass rate. Nearly a third of all grades were As or Bs. The average score was 792 QCA points.
Mirfield Free Grammar School also hit a 98 per cent pass rate. A third of the grades ranged from A* to B.
Top performers this time include Will Addy, with two A*s and three As, Zubayr Basharat, three As, and Nicky Lee, two As and two Bs.
Teacher Maggie Dunn said: “Congratulations to all our students for the superb results and to our staff for working hard to help them achieve their success.”
“Parents play a major role too and I would also like to thank them.”
Batley Grammar School achieved an 88 per cent pass rate for ALevels and AS Levels. More than half of all entries were at Grade C or above.
School captain Kaiya Stone got three As and a B and is now heading to St Hilda’s College, Oxford, to read Classics.
Yi Fan Zhang, meanwhile, is off to Imperial College, London, to Electrical and Electronic Engineering, after gaining two A*s, an A and B.
Batley Grammar is to become a free school and return to the state system and head Brigid Tullie said: “In this particular year group, we lost a large number of students at the end of Year 11 who, understandably, were unable to stay on to complete their education in the Sixth Form.
“The students in this particularly small year group came from diverse backgrounds and the grades they achieved reflect their level of commitment and determination and the support and encouragement they have received from dedicated staff.
“Exam results are only half the story; we pride ourselves on helping to create rounded individuals who will contribute to the community.”
Heckmondwike Grammar reported a pass rate of 88 per cent excluding general studies. Some 78 per cent were the top A*, A or B grades.
Eight pupils, including William Flesher, Annie Smith and Hitesh Dhorajiwala, gained five A* or A grades each.
Head Mike Cook said the results overall were the school’s best ever and added: “They reflect the hard work of our students and staff.”
Kirklees Council leader Mehboob Khan congratulated the district’s pupils and said: “The exceptional pass rates are a recognition for their commitment.
“I hope it is a first step to a bright future for all the students involved.”

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