NICE introduce new birthing guidelines

NICE introduce new birthing guidelines

NEW guidelines could consign the image of a woman in labour surrounded by doctors and equipment largely to the history books.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) believe traditional hospital labour wards should only be for the most difficult births. Instead pregnant women should be encouraged to use modern midwife-led suites, one of which is coming to Dewsbury.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust already has such a facility at Pontefract Hospital. It boasts four en-suite birthing rooms, including one with a pool. All feature birth balls, birthing couches and other equipment. Work on Dewsbury’s is due to start next spring and is expected to be ready by 2016.

Gill Pownall, consultant midwife at Mid Yorkshire, said: “We believe in giving women choice and support during their pregnancy. We also want mums-to-be to trust in their bodies and to give birth as naturally as possible, wherever possible.

“These draft guidelines support our plans for the future of maternity services. We are delighted the services offered by the trust are ahead of the game.”

• MID YORKS Staff paid out nearly £1m over the last year for their workplace parking permits, figures show. In 2013-14 the bill came to £991,369, up from £650,223 in 2011-12.

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