New top Tory vows to keep up good work

New top Tory vows to keep up good work

NEW Tory chief David Hall has vowed to oppose any candidate for council leader considered unacceptable.

He said: “Our priority this year will be to ensure we are an effective voice in the council on behalf of our constituents.

“In the first instance, that will involve trying to ensure the new council leader is the right person to take the council forward.

“Should a Labour leader be proposed who we consider to be unacceptable, we will oppose his or her election.”

Coun Hall paid tribute to his predecessor, Coun Robert Light, who intends to focus on issues in his Birstall & Birkenshaw ward.

He said: “We now need to build on the foundations Robert has laid over the past few years.

“He has steered the group through many different times, some difficult, and I respect his decision to retire as leader.

“I know he will continue to be a valued and respected member of our group on the backbenches.”

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