New home means Take Ten can help even more

New home means Take Ten can help even more

THE founder of a mental health support group says there is “no stopping us now” after securing a permanent base to operate from.

Two years ago Dewsbury woman Stevie Oliver launched Take Ten, having suffered from mental health problems all her life.

The 42-year-old decided she needed to help not only herself but others who were struggling – and now she is excited to be able to support even more people from the group’s new premises in Batley.

Having operated from Dewsbury Town Hall in their early stages, the community group have been trying to function without a permanent home for the past year.

Last week they signed a one-year lease on the former Learning Hub building on Rouse Mill Lane – which boasts a large communal area and several other rooms.

And Stevie says she has big plans for the future of the group.

She said: “This gives us a massive opportunity to make a massive difference.

“Two years ago we said we eventually wanted somewhere of our own where we could open more regularly, have more of a safety hub and a crisis place where people can drop in whenever they need to.

“That’s what we’ve got ... it’s the culmination of our determination and contributions from the public.”

Stevie has also spent the last year studying for qualifications which means she can provide official advice and help to people suffering with their mental health.

She said: “We’ve got loads of ideas. We’re going to be able to give extra support to people, including relaxation classes, arts and crafts.

“It’ll be a base for people to come and there’ll be more structured talks, as well as specific days and times for specific events.

“We just want to grow our group.

“We’ve got so many different qualifications now, we’ve worked so hard over the past year getting more qualifications than you can think of.

“One of the barriers we faced was that people said we weren’t professional ... now we’ve got all the certificates that people wanted us to have on top of the ‘lived life’ experience that we can help and support with.

“Everything that everybody wanted we’ve gone out and done, so there’s no stopping us now.”

If all goes to plan the group will be officially opening its doors on Saturday April 4. 

And they are calling on any local businesses that could support them in getting the building ready to email

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