New 'Clecktible' store comes to town

New 'Clecktible' store comes to town

A NEW store in Cleckheaton will help people unleash their ‘inner geek’ by offering an extensive range of figures, statues and merchandise from comic books, TV, film and Anime.

Clecktibles opens its doors on Northgate on Saturday June 22 to welcome collectors and enthusiasts who can get their hands on some of the latest sought-after items.

Owner Stuart Russell, 48, has been running Clecktibles online for four years and decided it was time he opened a base in the town his business was named after.

He's taken on a former butcher's shop at 39 Northgate and said: "I’ve been a massive sci-fi and comic fan for years, so you could say this is a bit of a labour of love for me – loving what I sell and selling what I love!”

Events like comic conventions are springing up all over the country – both big and small – attracting huge crowds who flock to snap up branded merchandise, meet stars of film and TV and dress up as their favourite characters.

Stuart added: “I have been trading at conventions for years and certainly noticed that more and more people are getting interested in sci-fi and comic-based films and TV shows. It really is a community.

"A lot of this has to do with the success of the superhero films being produced by comic book companies like Marvel and DC and a new generation discovering Star Wars since the new films came out.

"I have been an electrical engineer at Thomas Chadwick & Sons in Dewsbury for the last 15 years while I have been trading online and at Comic Cons for the last few of those, I just feel that now is the best time for myself to move it up to the next level."

Clecktibles will still be offering its range online and at conventions up and down the country, but the Northgate shop is open for people to come and look at what’s on offer close-up and invest in a piece of comic book or sci-fi history.

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