My disgust and shame ... because I couldn’t find loo

A MAN with a medical condition was refused permission to use the toilets at Batley Town Hall last week.

Jason Church, who was born with a weak bladder, paid his council tax bill at the Market Place building at around 3pm on Thursday.

His medical problem means the 44-year-old self-employed gardener and decorator needs the loo every hour or so.

Mr Church often used the public toilets next to the town hall, but these have been shut due to council budget cuts.

Instead he asked to use the ones in the town hall, but was told these are only for the public when events are held there.

Mr Church, of Staincliffe, claims he then tried the nearby library only to find a notice saying the building was temporarily shut for repairs.

Fearing he was about to wet himself, Mr Church was forced to go against a wall behind the town hall, which left him disgusted and embarrassed.

Mr Church said he will no longer shop or pay bills in Batley. He will instead go to Dewsbury, where the public conveniences are still open.

He added: “Kirklees should never have shut the toilets. There’s plenty of people like me with medical conditions who rely on them.

“Didn’t the council think about charging? I’d have been happy to pay 10p or 20p and I think others would as well.

“I’ve also heard market traders grumble that they and their customers have been stopped from using the town hall toilets. It could kill Batley. I can’t be the only one having to go elsewhere.

“And what will visitors think when they come and find the town has no toilets?”

Kirklees were asked for a comment but had not responded by our deadline.

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