‘We must work together to revive town’

A NEW regeneration effort for Dewsbury is to start amid claims that change is not coming fast enough.

The Dewsbury Partnership kicks off with a public meeting at the Sensory World Cafe on Old Westgate at 6.30pm on Tuesday.

A buffet will be served by the Real Junk Food project as an example of what community action can achieve.

The conservation area around Northgate is benefiting from a multi-million pound investment.

But partnership founder Bruce Bird is frustrated that other areas have been left behind.

Inspired by fellow community group the Dewsbury Pioneers, who now run The Arcade, he believes people can pick up the baton.

Mr Bird said: “We intend to provide a voice for local people to identify the big improvements they want to see.

“We will also find ways to make them happen – even when we are told there is no money.

“There are many complaints about Dewsbury. If we want to see things improve then we’ve got to get up and make it happen ourselves.”

Mr Bird wishes to extend efforts to the rest of the Heavy Woollen district, given Batley has similar problems.

He said: “Every business owner and community group leader knows how hard it is to achieve individual objectives.

“We can achieve more by working together than by everyone plugging away on their own.

“Let’s start doing small things that will make a quick difference and then put our combined weight behind the big things.”

For more details and to register for Tuesday’s meeting, visit http://godewsbury.uk/about.

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