Museum repairs mystery

REPAIRS to Dewsbury Museum are still not finished – 16 months after a ceiling collapse.

The Press reported in February that the museum would be shut for two weeks for work to be done.

It has emerged the ground floor repairs were not carried out, and council chiefs have no timetable for a restart.

Site investigations were known to have revealed an older ceiling at the Grade II-listed building.

A spokeswoman hinted that a lack of funds is a problem, but would not be drawn further.

She said: “The area with the damaged ceiling has been taken out of public use for safety reasons.

“Discussions are under way with colleagues in heritage on the extent of the repair and how it can be done when funds may become available.”

In October last year about half of the museum was still boarded up after a ceiling collapse on Easter Sunday in March, 2013.

Visitor numbers and trade at the nearby park cafe were said to have slumped by half.

Mavis Secker, who runs the park cafe, said: “We all know the council has no money. But we’ve got to let them know we’ve got our eye on this.

“We can’t let the museum go. It’s one of Dewsbury’s major attractions and even then they don’t make the best of it.

“There’s so many things in storage that the public haven’t seen and which would make interesting exhibitions.

“It’s one of the reasons why I’ve long thought we should have our own council and not give all our money to Huddersfield.”

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