MP’s tampon tax victory

DEWSBURY & Mirfield MP Paula Sherriff is believed to have made history in getting the so-called “tampon tax” abolished.

It was the first time a backbencher has had a Budget amendment passed by the House of Commons.

An amendment to last year’s finance bill was narrowly beaten but did prompt the Government to take up the issue with the EU.

Sanitary products currently incur VAT at five per cent – the lowest allowed under European law.

Last week Brussels agreed to allow member states to exempt sanitary products from VAT.

As a result the Government said they would not oppose moves to make tampons zero-rated.

Miss Sherriff said: “After nearly two years of campaigning, the announcement that the tampon tax will be scrapped is a huge victory for common sense.

“The test now will be for producers and retailers to pass the savings on to consumers.

“They also need to work with the Government to make sure the charities which had a funding boost from the tampon tax don’t lose out. I am writing to manufacturers and retailers to ask them to meet with me very soon to reach an agreement on that.”

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