MPs back Labour’s Remain policy in any upcoming Brexit referendum

MPs back Labour’s Remain policy in any upcoming Brexit referendum

THE DISTRICT’S two MPs have both supported Labour’s announcement this week that their party would back ‘Remain’ in any referendum called on a Conservative Brexit deal.

On Tuesday Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn unveiled a “settled” policy of campaigning to Remain if a referendum was held on a Government deal to leave the European Union.

Corbyn made no reference to what stance Labour would take in the event of a general election in the near future. In the 2016 Brexit referendum the Batley & Spen constituency voted 59.63 per cent to 40.37 per cent in favour of leaving. Similarly, Dewsbury and Mirfield voted 57.15 per cent to 42.85 per cent to leave. 

In a statement yesterday (Thurs) Batley & Spen MP Tracy Brabin said: “The Brexit process is in a mess and responsibility for that lies with the Conservative government.

“Theresa May failed in securing a decent deal that MPs could support and now we have Tory leadership candidates grandstanding about a no-deal exit. This chaos helps no-one, so in order to stop a disastrous no deal and let you have the final say on any Brexit deal, I will support a second referendum.

“Those following my actions closely will know this is a decision I’ve come to reluctantly but it’s now painfully clear a new instruction from the British people is now required.”

Dewsbury and Mirfield MP Paula Sherriff said: “Over the past three years the Conservatives have failed to negotiate a deal which carries the support of the majority of the country, or which protects our rights as workers, consumers or the economy.

“I have been clear throughout this process – from my vote to trigger Article 50, to my writing this today – that a No Deal exit, and the damage it would cause, would be a disaster for our country and must be prevented; I was elected on this pledge in 2017.

“Labour has worked to respect the result of the referendum and come to a compromise with the Government which can carry the support of Parliament and the country.

“The Tories’ dithering, delays and disastrous red lines made sure that these efforts were not successful. We are now at an impasse and it now seems that one way or another the public will have to have their say to break the deadlock.”

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