MP Sherriff condemns the amount paid by hospital bosses since 2010 to management advisors

HEALTH chiefs have spent an “eye-watering” £12m on management advice since 2010, according to an MP.

Figures for the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust were cited by Dewsbury & Mirfield MP Paula Sherriff in Parliament.

She challenged secretary of state Jeremy Hunt in a health select committee debate last week.

Ms Sherriff stated Mid Yorkshire, which runs Dewsbury District Hospital, were billed £1.2m by Ernst and Young in July this year alone.

In reply, Mr Hunt said the NHS generally spends too much on management consultants. A cap is now in place, though this is for new contracts, not existing ones such as those at Mid Yorkshire.

Mr Hunt said: “Too often in the NHS there has been a reflex, when a difficult decision has to be made, to hire someone from outside to come in and say what needs to be done, when actually the best people (to decide) are the people who work inside an organisation, as they are the ones who have to implement it.”

Ms Sherriff said: “I’m disappointed this expenditure has been going on for over four years.

“Surely this money could be better spent on patient care or the reduction of waiting lists?

“The amount spent has been eye-watering and I call on the trust to review their policy.

“While I acknowledge there are financial challenges the trust has to meet, I fail to accept that this is the most cost-effective manner in which to do so.”

A spokesman for Mid Yorkshire said: “Ernst and Young has worked with the Trust over the past three years.

“In this time the Trust has significantly increased the number of patients treated and improved quality, while delivering efficiency in excess of the national required efficiency requirement.”

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