MP and council chief speak out after terror 6 are jailed

DEWSBURY MP Simon Reevell condemned the terrorists who could have brought carnage to the town last summer.

He said: “People who think there can ever be a political or religious justification for a pipe-bomb are simply wrong.

“There weren’t many there from the English Defence League, but there were a lot of local people and police. We were all there.

“It would have been carnage. I’m delighted it didn't happen. But I’m not just saying don’t bring this to Dewsbury; I’m saying don’t do this full stop.”

Kirklees Council leader Mehboob Khan said the six men who admitted plotting a terrorist outrage should be jailed for a long time.

He added: “Local people did not turn out to this demonstration. The demonstrators were from outside our town.

“The others involved were from the West Midlands. Most people here were going about their normal routine that day.

“We’re very relieved nothing happened. Dewsbury is a proud community with a diverse history and the people are united.”

Anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate, who held a counter protest attended by about 50 people on June 30 last year, also condemned the terrorists.

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