Mother's shock at discovering creepy-crawly in supermarket fruit

Mother's shock at discovering creepy-crawly in supermarket fruit

A MOTHER says she'll never shop at Tesco again after finding an insect in a packet of grapes she bought.

Charlotte Thompson was shocked when she was feeding the fresh fruit to her two-year-old son to discover what has since been identified as a type of weevil clinging on to one of the stalks.

The 22-year-old, from Birstall, bought the grapes as part of her weekly shop at the Batley Tesco Extra store on Bradford Road. 

The packaging stated the fruit was sourced from Chile, and after consulting an insect specialist Charlotte discovered there are two species of the bug found in the UK.

And after sending pictures she'd taken of the creepy-crawly to Tesco's customer service department, she was disappointed that they only offered to refund her the £2 she'd paid for the grapes.

"It's my weekly shop, I spent about £90 at the time," Charlotte said.

"I don't think I'm going to go there again because there's no customer satisfaction. There was no goodwill gesture or anything.

"I don't want to buy fresh food from there any more because they're obviously not cleaning it properly. It was really big, you couldn't miss it.

"I didn't get any reassurance that it wouldn't happen again, just a sorry and a £2 refund."

And Charlotte said it could have been a lot worse had she not noticed the bug and acted quickly to remove it.

She said: "My son just picks the grapes out, he could have easily eaten the insect. If it had any diseases or anything, it could have been a lot worse."

A spokesman for Tesco said: "We are disappointed to hear of this incident and apologise to Charlotte who bought her bunch of grapes from our Batley store.

"We regularly test our fresh produce for quality and our grapes are checked through industry leading standards to prevent issues like this from happening.

"We encourage our growers worldwide to move to more natural production methods and greatly reduce the application of pesticides, however this can occasionally lead to the very odd insect being found."

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