Mosque open day ‘builds bridges’

Mosque open day ‘builds bridges’

A DEWSBURY mosque opened its doors in a show of community solidarity. 

The Salifa Centre at Scout Hill hosted a 'Visit my Mosque Open Day' over the weekend where they invited members of the public to come in and learn more about the religion of Islam.

Kaushar Tai, one of the event organisers, said: “Today was a huge success; I am so pleased that so many people from our neighbourhood attended.

"The atmosphere was buzzing with people chatting to each other over a

cup of tea and samosas.

"This is the way to build bridges and create understanding, harmony and peace.”

Visitor Rachel Copley said: "I wasn't sure how we would be received but we had a warm welcome, lovely refreshments and received lots of information about their faith.

"As a Christian I'd love to come back and share another experience.

"It is important that we make moves to integrate and learn about each other."

The Salfia Centre have said they plan to host more open days in the near future.

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