More public consultation over ‘decimated’ services

More public consultation over ‘decimated’ services

COUNCIL chiefs are laying the groundwork for a bonfire of public services in response to Government cuts.

A second phase of Kirklees Council’s ‘It’s Time To Talk’ initiative is underway in a bid to get the public more involved.

Findings from the first phase were summed up in a report out on Tuesday from the Commission on the Future of Local Government. The think tank compiled results from Kirklees and Leeds City Council into a joint dossier of potential cuts.

Kirklees officials claim that by 2020 the council will only have enough money for adult social care and children’s safeguarding.

They are asking residents what other services should go if the Government presses ahead with spending cuts.

The closure of public toilets has already caused uproar across the district, with those just the start of what could be to come.

Kirklees Council leader Mehboob Khan said: “The relationship between the people who live in an area and their council is going to change. Councils can’t continue doing what they’ve done in the past. The cuts in funding being experienced mean we need to find a new way forward.

“I believe as leaders of local communities we have to help people face the challenge and find opportunities. Phase one has shown us that we need to build trust. But we also need to change people’s expectations.”

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