More charge points for electric vehicles across district

More charge points for electric vehicles across district

KIRKLEES could soon be home to one of the best electric vehicle charging networks in the country as part of the council’s ambitious plan to make the borough completely carbon neutral by 2038.

If approved by cabinet on January 20, a £1million investment would see five new rapid charge points and 80-100 new fast charge points installed in public car parks and on-street to support residents and visitors to move towards electric vehicles.

It will add to Kirklees’ current network of three rapid chargers and 22 slow-to-fast chargers in the public domain, with a further 17 rapid chargers being installed by October next year.

Parking will be made free for hybrid and electric vehicles across Kirklees in a bid to encourage more people to drive them.

The council also plans to invest a further £1million to add 50 new electric vehicles to its fleet. Kirklees officials say they want to boost local woodland, establish a Kirklees Climate Commission and Kirklees Green Charter and improve recycling rates.

The proposals form phase one of the council’s climate emergency action plan, with phase two – setting out how the district will become carbon neutral by 2038 – released next year.

Coun Naheed Mather, cabinet member for Greener Kirklees, said: “Climate change is already happening and action to address it is now an emergency.

“However it’s not too late to prevent some of the very worst effects of climate change and we must act now. The council’s new long-term objective is to make Kirklees a carbon-neutral district by at least 2038.

“This will not solve the climate emergency alone, it is one of the many ways we’re looking to make a real difference.”

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