Mirfield’s new mayor has plenty of energy

Mirfield’s new mayor has plenty of energy

PAUL BLAKELEY became one of the youngest mayors in Mirfield’s history after he was sworn in to succeed Coun Sean Guy on Tuesday.

Coun Blakeley, 25, has worked with a series of community groups and spearheaded a number of local events, for which he received the Mirfield Ambassador Award last week. And he went one better in being honoured with the title of mayor just days later.

He said: “I’m extremely honoured to have been given this opportunity at only 25 years of age, and proud that age boundaries are being broken in such a stereotypically ageist role.

“I hope to become a role model to the young citizens of Mirfield and show that anyone can achieve something if they put their minds to it.

Coun Blakeley, a security co-ordinator, is chairman of the Mirfield and District Round Table and a member of the Mirfield Agricultural Show committee and the Mirfield Team Parish Pantomime.

He has been the driving force behind events like the Mirfield Beer and Music Festival and the Mirfield Bonfire, and was part of the team who won the Community Organisation Award at the 2017 MyMirfield Community and Business Awards.

He said: “Local issues are at the heart of what I do, and I will continue my work with community groups and individuals on issues that matter to them, as I have done within my time as councillor.

“My chosen charity of the year is Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust, which is a charity based in Mirfield who support children’s mental and emotional health by providing counselling, mentors and confidence-building activities to the children and their families.”

Local businessman Martin Ibberson was named as deputy mayor this week.

Mirfield has a history of promoting young people – in 2006 Coun James Taylor was  mayor at the age of 24, and in 2014 Thomas Hirst became deputy mayor aged 23.

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