Mirfield residents create video showing opposition to development



CAMPAIGNERS in Mirfield hope a YouTube film will help turn the tide against developers.

The 28-minute production, which took six weeks to make, features objections from residents to new housing schemes.

Created by a team from protest group Project Mirfield, it is no mere amateur video.

The documentary weaves interviews with residents together with a voiceover and music.

Town councillor Steve Benson (Con, Crossley), of Project Mirfield, hopes planning officials take note.

He said: “Normally when you email or write objections, they never see who they’re from.

“So we think it’s a good idea for councillors and officials to be able to put names to faces.”

The main target is Bellway Homes, whose scheme for the Balderstone Hall fields could go before Kirklees Council on Thursday, July 2.

But campaigners also have others in their sights, including new homes planned for the Mirfield25 site off Leeds Road.

Coun Benson said: “There are more than 450 empty homes in Mirfield that are for sale or rent.

“I therefore can’t understand the need for more homes, except to keep the money merry-go-round going.”

He added of a perceived housing shortage: “Only a small percentage of these new homes are classed as ‘affordable’.

“How can anybody starting out in life afford a four-bedroom house that’ll be on the market for £300,000?”

Coun Benson also called on developers to complete the half-built McInerney Homes site in Lower Hopton before taking more green space.

The firm went bust before work was finished, leaving dozens of families living on a building site.

He said of their plight: “Forty-one families have just been left there. In this day and age, that’s disgusting.”


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