Mirfield is bloomin' marvellous!

Mirfield is bloomin' marvellous!

MIRFIELD is blooming with the help of green-fingered volunteers.

Less than a year old, the Mirfield in Bloom group is transforming the town a little at a time thanks to a small team of residents cleaning up litter, pulling out weeds and planting flowers.

Now founder Ruth Edwards is going for gold at next month’s competition judging, which will pit Mirfield against other regions as part of Yorkshire in Bloom.

She said: “I happened to be driving up the Calder Valley towards Hebden Bridge and I saw all the lovely flowers and thought to myself, Mirfield could look like this. 

“We’ve got the canal, all the lovely countryside around Mirfield and we’ve got a nice town centre which just needs brightening up, so I thought, let’s go for it.”

A committee of 12 people was formed in autumn last year in the hope that they could bring the community together while sprucing up the town. With the help of children from Battyeford Primary School and Church House pre-school they want Mirfield to be ready for Thursday, July 19, when two judges will decide whether the town is good enough for the Yorkshire in Bloom finals.

Before the judging, the team hopes to transform the look of the railway station.

Ruth said: “We are waiting for Northern Rail to deliver us 15 containers and they are going on the eastbound platform. 

“We’ll invite the school children to plant them.

“We’ve got a graphic artist who’s doing some huge boards that are going to be screwed onto the railings that have flowers on and it’ll say ‘Welcome to Mirfield in Bloom’. It’s going to be transformed.” Ruth expressed the need for more volunteers to help out this weekend.

“There’s a job for everybody – it isn’t just about gardening. Families, children, adults, older people – it’s all about community and pulling the community together and making Mirfield a much nicer place to live.”

Volunteers are heading out on Saturday and Sunday, meeting at 10am at St Paul’s Church.

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