‘Miracle’ dog Daisy in need of public help

FUNDS are needed to pay for the medical care of a miracle dog who survived a Birstall motorway collision.

Daisy was run over on the M62 having fled from her owner on October 12 following an incident in Oakwell Hall Country Park.

She was chased by a larger dog across two fields and ended up being struck by a car on the motorway.

Two passing drivers stopped to help get Daisy, who suffered serious injuries, to a vet.

Daisy suffered a complex leg fracture, though initial fears of brain damage and blindness have subsided.

Her elderly owner has no pet insurance or savings and does not qualify for help from the PDSA.

Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue have launched an appeal to cover the cost of Daisy’s care, which could run into thousands of pounds. Coincidentally Daisy was adoped from the charity as a puppy about four years ago.

Kathy Hirst, of the charity, said: “We were very upset to hear what happened to Daisy and will support her through any treatment she needs.”

She said the owner is devastated and continued: “This little dog has been her best friend for the last four years. Daisy ensured she escaped the loneliness of her four walls and went out regularly each day.

“We would like to thank the people who stopped on the M62 and helped Daisy from the bottom of our hearts.”

Daisy is pictured above at Vets4Pets in Birstall with her leg strapped up for x-rays and operations.

Donations can be made through http://mydonate.bt.com/events/daisydog/251390 or by ringing Kathy on 07712 675312.

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