Minster bell back home

Minster bell back home

DEWSBURY Minster saw its 150-year-old Easter bell return home this week.

The bell had to be sent off for repair work in June after it was found to have cracks in it.

After raising enough money to meet the price of £8,500 to get the 300kg bell fixed, it was hoisted back up the tower on Tuesday morning by a group of local volunteers.

Before the tenor bell was hauled back into place, Rev Elizabeth Lee baptised and blessed it.

Tower captain at the Minster, Derek Johnstone, said: "Our fundraising has managed to pay all the bills so far, however there is still further work to do to bring the whole peal of bells up to the musical quality of the newly repaired Easter bell. That work will cost around £2,500.

"Our local volunteers have reduced the cost from the quotation by £750 and my thanks go out to everyone who has helped."

The reinstallation of the bell comes just in time for the World War One Centenary Commemoration that is taking place tomorrow (Saturday) at the Minster on Aldams Road.

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