MFG taps into 'old boys' plan

UNIVERSITIES have them – and now a school in Mirfield has launched its own alumni society.

Mirfield Free Grammar wants to get former pupils more involved with the school and more than 350 old boys and girls have signed up so far, though most are recent leavers.

The hunt is now on for those who studied years ago and who feel they have something to contribute.

Allison Simpson, MFG’s director of education, said private schools have similar groups that act as mentors. She said: “There’s lots of evidence the ‘old boys’ network’ can be powerful in motivating current students, so we’re trying to create our own.”

Alumni help by acting as career role models, offering work experience or by perhaps becoming a governor. One such is a former pupil who left in 1977 and is now a children’s services consultant for Barnados.

Other examples of people MFG want to come forward include the 2002 hockey team, the metalwork class of 1951 and prize-winners from 1969.

MFG are working with the charity Future First, who are involved in school alumni projects nationwide.

Mrs Simpson added: “It’s amazing how powerful the impact a ‘real’ person can have on pupils. They gain inspiration from their stories, are motivated by their achievements and see a reality for themselves that teachers can’t always give.”

• Batley Business and Enterprise College (BBEC) have a similar scheme and are also looking for former pupils. The roster includes their highest-ever achieving pupil, Irfan Tai, who left in 2011 with 17 GCSEs, all either A* or A.

He went to Greenhead College and is now studying Petroleum Engineering at the University of Manchester.

BBEC, on Blenheim Drive off Batley Field Hill, was formerly known as Batley High School for Boys.

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