Mason’s Hollywood dream

Mason’s Hollywood dream

HOLLYWOOD is beckoning for Dewsbury-born rugby league star Keith Mason after the prop forward acted in a film.

Mason plays a bodyguard in an independent production out next year which features actors Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah and Eric Roberts.

Filmed in locations including Vancouver and Amsterdam, Mason was hand-picked for the role by director Mickey Rourke.

Mason and the Oscar-nominated Rourke, who are friends, are also working on a biopic of gay dual-code rugby star Gareth Thomas.

He said of his bodyguard role: “I had a speaking part and even though I’d no experience of acting the director was quite happy with me.”

Mason’s scenes were filmed in London and he added: “There was only a small crew, just two people, but I met all the stars.

“I really enjoyed it and the casting director said there’d have been thousands wanting the role.”

Mason, 31, won £167,000 damages last month from former club Huddersfield Giants for unfair dismissal over a Twitter fiasco.

He has also not been offered a new deal by current side Castleford and is looking for another club while considering his long-term future.

Mason added: “I’m coming to the back-end of my career. I reckon I could do another three or four years.

“I was very humbled Mickey gave me the chance. If I got the opportunity to do that type of thing again it’d be pretty hard not to.”

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