Masked gang linked to raids

THREE raids on supermarkets around North Kirklees that netted cigarettes worth £12,000 are thought to have been carried out by the same masked gang.
Police have linked breakins at Cooperative stores in Thornhill, Scholes and Mirfield since January 9 to an organised group of thieves.
All three incidents saw the suspects, who only stole from cigarette storage areas, use a car or other physical means to get into the shops. 
The first burglary took place at around 10.45pm on January 9 in Thornhill,7 when security shutters were forced open with a crow bar.
They escaped with cigarettes worth about £3,000. But they left emptyhanded from a similar raid in Scholes two days later when an alarm sounded.
The most recent incident was on January 16 in Mirfield when the Coop branch in Old Bank Road was ramraided at around 12.50am.
A darkcoloured Mercedes C Class saloon was smashed through the window.
Three men got out and stole cigarettes worth more than £8,000.
The Mercedes, driven by a fourth suspect, then fled down Sunny Bank Avenue.
All were wearing light grey or white tops.
CCTV images from the Thornill raid, right, have been released by police in a bid to catch the culprits.
Anyone with information can call Kirklees CID on 101.

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