Man's warning after being hit by stone while driving

Man's warning after being hit by stone while driving

A MAN has warned fellow motorists to be vigilant after twice being the victim of a gang of youths who threw rocks at his car while he was driving.

Ron Dakin’s car was attacked twice in the space of two days in Batley as he was on his way to deliver food to the homeless for the charity he runs.

The 42-year-old, who founded homeless charity On The Streets two years ago, was driving down Healey Lane with his wife and two young children on Friday afternoon when he noticed the group of kids “messing about” at the side of the road.

A stone then smashed through one of the back passenger windows where his wife was sat and shattered glass over her – but the gang fled before Ron had a chance to get a proper look at them.

Then the next day Ron was hit again further down Healey on Mayman Lane – that time his window was down and a rock hit him in the face, busting his nose.

While he doesn’t believe he was targeted and it was a random attack, Ron said he was lucky it didn’t cause a more serious accident.

He said: “If they’d have thrown a brick or something bigger I’d have had to swerve and could have caused a major accident.

“I had my two kids in the car with the first incident, a three-month-old and a five-year-old. 

“My wife was very lucky because the glass shattered all over her.”

In recent months police and councillors said they have been cracking down on anti-social behaviour from a gang of around 20 youths in the town.

Local residents say the group, aged between 12 and 16, have smashed windows in houses, damaged multiple cars, been verbally abusive and intimidating, and habitually ride motorbikes up and down main roads, among other anti-social behaviour.

Ron couldn’t say whether  whether it was the same group that targeted him on both occasions but he informed police of the two incidents.

He set up the On The Streets charity in December 2017 to help feed the homeless and needy, and along with other volunteers delivers food to people in Dewsbury, Wakefield and Bradford every night.

He was on his way to pick up a delivery of food from Greggs when he was struck in the face, but he said: “I was still able to go out, I put a plastic sheet over the window until it was fixed. I quickly sorted my nose and set off again.”

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