Magnet fishers discover mortar bomb in Dewsbury

Magnet fishers discover mortar bomb in Dewsbury
Photo – the Yorkshire Magneteers
Credit: YappApp

ARMY explosive experts cordoned off part of a Dewsbury canal on Sunday after magnet fishers pulled a mortar bomb out of the water.

The team from the Yorkshire Magneteers group made the extraordinary find in the Calder & Hebble Navigation at Lock Street. Police attended and closed off the area and ordnance disposal experts dealt with the World War Two device.

Magnet fishing – where people hunt for metal submerged in canals and rivers – is increasing in popularity nationwide.

Ian Platt, the magneteer who pulled out the bomb, said: “I knew what it was straight away. I shouted ‘mortar bomb’ and everybody ran. We went about 50 yards in each direction and cordoned the area off.”

A bomb disposal team confirmed the device was live and put it in a special container before driving it away. The area was cordoned off for around three hours.

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